Tuesday, April 8, 2014

App Review: Rhyme to Read

Last week, I was able to review a new app for beginning reading skills. 
The App is called Rhyme to Read and I highly recommend it!

It is a program that focuses on sight words and word families. "The program emphasizes word families which are color-coded to assist children in discriminating the different patterns." (www.rhymetoread.com)

The only things your students need to have prior knowledge of are letters and letter-sound connections. Some sight word practice may be needed, but with the way the list goes, it's easy to teach the words throughout the week.

Here's how it works:
You start on the home screen. As of right now, there are 20 stories to choose from. If you start this program at the beginning of the year, start with book 1. 

There are 4 stories for each vowel and you can work on each book as long as you need. Students can "level up" when they have fluently read the story to you with no prompting.

The stories start off simple. On the left page, there is a list of words that they students must read. These words have the word family words listed and their endings are all the same color.
On the right side, you have the words put into a sentence. The sight words that will be used are in the box at the top right. Also, as you touch each word it can be read back to you. Your students have the choice of reading themselves or having the book read to them. Another great idea to help boost confidence in reading!

As word families are added, notice that each family has their own color in the sentences. Also notice that the sight words are still in the box at the top right, but not all sight words are listed. The sight words are only listed the first few times that the words are in the book and then they are gone. Students should be reading them fluently by the time they get to a different book.
Example: The word AND is in book 1. Students should have fluently read book 1, including the sight word AND before moving to book 2. So by book 5, and should be easily read.

My favorite part of this App is the reading list at the end. Each book has a progressive list at the end of it that shows the sight words from that book and the ones past. What a great way to keep up with a word list book for the students. 
I already do word books and my mind has been on overdrive thinking of activities to go with this chart!

I highly recommend this APP for beginning readers. I am already planning on incorporating it into my small group time next year, during Daily Five! And maybe even part of the Listen to Reading Daily. 
It's so easy to use and easy to navigate!
You can buy 1 book at a time for $.99 or you can get the whole set for $9.99. 
I think the $9.99 is a great deal for something you can use ALL year long, plus some! 

Right now, there are just the 20 readers, however, more are in the works. 

This is also an easy app that your students could use on their own (during D5 or intervention). 

I personally only had one downside...this program was designed for iPads with iOs6 or higher. I did not have any iPads at school that could download it. They were 1st generation iPads and could not update past iOs5. Ugh! Technology! But, I was able to use a personal one and get it going for the review and it worked just fine! So make sure you have an updated iPad before buying!

Monday, March 31, 2014

April Photo Challenge

I can't believe it's the day before April 1st!!

There are just 2 months left before I get to stay home with my sweet baby for the summer!
Well....unless I get chose to be a Common Core Coach for the upcoming school year. 

My student teacher has been taking over the class so I'm going on and planning ahead for next school year. It feels good to get stuff done NOW so I'm not frantically getting over procrastination in July.

I've got some new products that I'm working on too.
I'm on a Write the Room kick right now. 

Any skills you want to see?
Comment and maybe you can get an activity for free!

I'd love to hear your ideas and help you out if I can.

Here is the challenge for April!
Thanks for joining me on InstaGram. I've been trying my best to follow all of you who are participating.

Remember to use #teacherpc14
Search the hashtag on IG and follow other teachers who are participating.
It's so much fun!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tally Ho!

I have been working all week on my newest product and it is finally finished!

Introducing Tally Ho!

My student teacher actually inspired this one. 
I apparently have been in the dark with Stuart J. Murphy books. I have a few that came with my math series, but that's it.
Our kiddos need to know how to recognize tally marks and count them at least to 10. My student teacher found the book Tally O'Malley and she made a great activity to help them with keeping tally marks. I took her idea and tweaked it and added a few of my own.

In this packet you can find:
- 1/2 sheet tally posters to display in your room. These have numbers 1-20 with tally marks represented on each poster.
- matching cards to play memory match games and partner games
-tally around the room - you can use the matching cards to place around the room. They have letters on them and recording sheets to go with them. The recording sheets are also differentiated!
- book characters for retelling the story Tally O'Malley
- student size Tally O'Malley medals to award to students when they master the skill
- 5 activity sheets where students can find things in their classroom and write the tally marks, match tally marks to numbers, match objects to tally marks and a homework sheet to write tally marks for objects at home

As you can see, it's packed with a bunch of great activities!
Please go take a look. You can click on the picture to go see it and a small preview on TPT!
I will have it on sale all day Sunday 3/16.
Then it's back to $8.00 on Monday!

Friday, February 28, 2014

March Teacher Photo Challenge

February was a total FAIL for me! So I'm hoping to do better this month!
If you would like to join us in March, please do!
You can search the hashtag #teacherpc14 and follow all of the teachers who do this challenge each month.

Here is the line up for March!

Have Fun and Enjoy your Spring Break...Whenever it may fall!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winners of the Multiple Meaning Packet

Thanks to all who participated!
I have three lucky ladies who I will be emailing shortly!

Y'all came up with some great Multiple Meaning words that I didn't even think of.
Here are my winners!

Cathey...Please send me your email address!

If you want a copy you can click HERE to go to my store.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Multiple Meaning Words

My sweet baby boy turned ONE last week! 
I can't believe it's been a year already!
Here he is on his party day this past Saturday. Such a big boy!

Moving on....I've been working on a packet for an upcoming skill and it's taken me about a week to get it pushed out, because I wanted to make it worthwhile.

We have to test our kiddos on Multiple Meaning Words. We had to last year and the only thing I did was talk about a word and have to draw the two pictures that go with it.

So, I hope I've made this packet to make this skill a little more enjoyable.

This packet includes 27 real picture flashcards. Each flashcard has the word written on it and hopefully the pictures I chose make it easy to understand for the kiddos. I have these printed off on card stock and plan to introduce them to my students first and then use them in a memory matching game. I am even thinking about using them in my Writing Daily. I want to put them on a ring and let them use them as a reference.

My packet also includes a "Draw the Room" activity. This is much like Write the Room, but the students will draw the pictures instead of write the words (even though, I have a space on the recording sheet for the students to write the words as well). 

There is an Emergent Reader that focuses on a few of the Multiple Meaning Words and the sight word THIS. There are 2 versions. The first one lets the students trace the Multiple Meaning Word, the second lets them spell the word on their own.

Lastly, there are two easy assessment pages. One pages allows the students to look a the two pictures and circle the word that matches the pictures. The second page allows the students to draw the matching picture. Ex: students will see a bat (animal) drawn and in the corresponding box will have to draw a baseball bat.

*winners have been chosen*

If you're ready to try it now, you can click on the picture above for the link or click HERE!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Daily Five Series: Part Five

Word Work

Word Work is the first daily that I teach after Read to Self & Someone. The activities that I use are ones that we start working with at the beginning of the year. We start off with easy activities that work with letter identification, letter sounds and sight words, then we lead in to segmenting and CVC activities. 

Here is a list of activities that we have that can be easily changed out throughout the year:
Magnetic Letters
ABC Games
Magnet Doodles
ABC Order
Write the Room
Dry Erase Boards
Rainbow Writing
Letter Puzzles
Painting Words

These are a few of my activities that are added later (there are links to TPT stores when you click on them):

That's A LOT of Word Work.
The great thing is that pretty much ALL of these activities have student accountability built in to them. There are activity sheets that go with the activities and they have to fill these out and get them checked by me at the end of the last rotation.

In the beginning of Daily Five, we are still working on building stamina. This does not take long and we still have an hour or so because we are only working on Read to Self/Someone. So I take this time to introduce an activity to the whole class. 

Example: Magnetic letters. We have a box where all of the letters are kept and I have cookie sheets sitting on top of the box. I teach the students how to get a sight word list (we start sight words the very first week of school), a cookie sheet and the box of letters. I show them how to find a quiet spot and how to proceed with the activity. They have to find the letters and spell the words on their list, when I finish, I show them how to start over again OR how to clean up and put everything up where it belongs. I have 5 cookie sheets and one box of magnetic letters. For an entire week, I let 3-5 students daily, show me how to use the magnet activity. When all have had a chance to show me, we put it in the Word Work Spot and begin working on the next activity.

By the time I'm ready to start Word Work, they have a good 5 activities that they know how to do. We begin practicing and building stamina. I have EVERYONE choose a WW activity for the first week to practice stamina and then we add it to the 3 and begin our rotations!

Here is how I store my Word Work Activities. To the right, there is a basket with Sight Word and CVC word lists. These lists are used with Rainbow Writing, Magnetic Letters, Stamps, ABC Order and Painting. There are also chalkboards, white board markers and file folder games that are not in this picture.

Do you have any Word Work activities that your students like to do? 
Please comment and share!